Temperature Controlled Refrigerated Vehicles

Ford Van              ColdCube  

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Digital Temp Read-out

We deliver food product throughout Colorado, including Denver Metro, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs - on temperature and on time. Our Same Day services include both Express and scheduled cold/frozen courier service (door to door) utilizing refrigerated equipment.
  • Refrigerated freight with precise digital temperature setpoint control (3⁰C).
  • Adjustable temperature set points of 0⁰F to 37⁰F allows us to transport your frozen or refrigerated product.
  • Our refrigerated units can maintain above-ambient temperatures to protect your temperature sensitive payload from freezing!
  • Satellite tracking for the highest level of efficiency and accountability.
  • Capacity as large as 300 cubes (10'x5'x6').
  • Cargo holding area designed to minimize contamination.
  • Product is hand delivered directly to client coolers/freezers.