Service Levels, Terms and Conditions


Time frames will typically fall under 45 minutes, 1.5 hour, 2.5 hours, 3.5 hours or all day.  Extra time should be allocated on long distance runs, and on pending factors beyond our control such as severe weather or traffic conditions.  Below is a break down of the zones.
Service ZONE 1-6 ZONE 7-9 ZONE 10-12 ZONE 13-16
Allday 6 hr 6 hr 15 min 6 hr 30 min 7 hr
Standard 3 hr 30 min 3 hr 45 min 4 hr 4 hr 15 min
Rush 2 hr 30 min 2 hr 45 min 3 hr 3 hr 15 min
Emergency 1 hr 15 min 1 hr 45 min 2 hr 2 hr 15 min
PriorityOne 1 hr 15 min 1 hr 45 min 2 hr 15 min 3 hr
(PriorityOne subject to availability)
* Waiting time, on orders that are not ready when the Shamrock Delivery driver arrives, as well as loading and unloading time on orders involving multiple file boxes, will be added to the time frames.
* When situations arise where Shamrock Delivery is unable to meet the expected time frame you will be called with updated status reports.
* All Days called in after 10am may be delivered as late as the following business day by the same time. (i.e. All days called in at 11:00am will be delivered by 11:00am the next business day.)
* Priority One (Direct) service calculated at one and a half times Emergency price, subject to availability.

* Pick up and/or delivery before 8:00am or after 4pm After Hrs rates apply. Call for rates.